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Answer. Character is defined as strength of moral fiber. A.W. Tozer described character as "the excellence of moral beings.". As the excellence of gold is its purity and the excellence of art is its beauty, so the excellence of man is his character. Persons of character are noted for their honesty, ethics, and charity.

The etymology of villain takes us to villains, a Latin term.This word, in turn, comes from townwhich can be understood as "cottage".In this way, the first meaning of the dictionary of the. 1 /1 Heroes and villains – a modern definition Heroes and villains – a modern definition Whistleblowers are vilified or intimidated while the wrongs and the wrongdoers that.

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Character as a adjective means Of or relating to one's character.. Dictionary Thesaurus Sentences Examples Knowledge Grammar; Biography ... The definition of a character is a unique symbol, letter or mark used in writing. An example of character is an asterisk.

Proof or attestations about an individual's moral standing, general nature, traits, and reputation in the general community. A character witness is an individual who testifies as to the habits and reputation of another person.

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